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Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program

About the Program

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program is a FREE and INTENSIVE program that equips aspiring female entrepreneurs with the Competence, Confidence and Connections to succeed as Entrepreneurs.

Participants receive hands-on knowledge and coaching on the nitty-gritty of starting a business. Our curriculum and learning methodology comprise the following elements:

  • Case Study reviews

  • Learning Videos

  • Masterclass Sessions 

  • Mentoring Sessions

  • One-on-One Business Coaching sessions

  • Peer-review Sessions

  • Reading Materials

Our Faculty

Our Faculty is the backbone of the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program, passionately committed to empowering African women to thrive in the world of business. Comprising masterclass facilitators, mentors, coaches, and seasoned entrepreneurs, they bring a diverse wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their hands-on experience in various industries, coupled with a genuine desire to nurture competence, confidence, and connections, equips our participants with the invaluable skills and insights needed to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program is for:

Business Owner in Workshop

Women who are:

  • Citizens of any African country

  • Career professionals or students who want to transition to becoming Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs that need a framework to evaluate opportunities, manage startup, and finance new ventures.

  • Entrepreneurs that want to revisit their business models to enable them become profitable and sustainable


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