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Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN)
European Business University (EBU) Luxembourg
Impact Scholarship Program

Our partnership with the European Business University (EBU) Luxembourg provides limited scholarship slots for selected EBU Certificate Courses, BSc Degree Programs and MSc Programs. 

Available Courses 

EBU Certificate Impact Program Courses are valued at €740 per course.

However,  our partnership with EBU avails us limited Scholarships available at a Non - Refundable €20 Commitment Fee (paid to EBU). The List of available courses for the next  student admissions is  shown below.

Course Name (April Deadline)
Advanced Public Finance & Taxation
Advanced Auditing & Assurance
Advanced Financial Reporting
Fundamentals Of Blockchain Technology
Strategic Management
Women And Leadership
Business Management
Introduction To Python

Deadline for Application is 27th April 2023.


To learn more about the Certificate Programs or to speak with our scholarship coordinators, click HERE  

EBU Bachelor and Masters Degree Programs
Available Courses 

To explore the different Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degree courses visit

To speak with our scholarship coordinators  on how to apply click HERE 

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