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Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN) is a capability development not-for-profit organisation with a focus on leadership and economic empowerment of African women


With a focus  on leadership and economic empowerment of women,  We are building an ecosystem that will nurture the next generation of women who are trailblazers in Business and Careers and  making significant and sustainable impact on the African continent.

We leverage technology to deliver practical and collaborative developmental programmes and opportunities that empower African women to maximize their full potential and succeed. Our ever-increasing online community provides a safe-space for our members to network, learn and collaborate.

Our Mission

To build an ecosystem that directly empowers One Million African Women with the Competence, Confidence and Connections to lead and succeed in Business and Careers.

Our Programs

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program

Together, we will Start, Grow and Scale your business


TechUp Africa

Together, we will help you break those glass ceilings and navigate the labyrinths of success in tech careers.



Oluwaseyi Kehinde-Peters

Board Members

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